.Net Development

.Net Development

It is always a topic that produces hot debate from all sides, but based on the interest we have recently been seeing, .Net development is on the up.

At Unity we know that good development skills are easily transferable between different development languages and our development team is agnostic in their development language of choice. However, over the past 5 or 6 years, nearly all of our work has been delivered using .Net, and in particular MVC web applications in C#. Why is this?

Our clients tend to be Windows-orientated which is why .Net is their preferred development tool over tools like Java. Even so, .Net does seem more and more common these days, with less anti-Microsoft bias coming from the IT infrastructure and support staff. Perhaps as technology gets older and staff get younger, there is more acceptance of using the tools that get the job done, rather than  a more idealistic, ideological preference to technology.

In our opinion, .Net development provides just the right level between efficiency of development and reliability, robustness and supportability for business applications.

Like any language, it has its limitations and annoyances, and it’s not the right choice for all scenarios, but if you run a Windows data centre and want to create systems that realize your ideas, then .Net is the way to go.

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