RITTech – Register of IT Technicians

RITTech – Register of IT Technicians

As a long time development partner of BCS, Unity Information Systems was invited to develop a new system to enable IT technicians worldwide to apply for a new accreditation – Professional Registration of IT Technicians (RITTech).

You can read more about the RITTech accreditation here: RITTech – BCS

Working alongside BCS business analysts, graphic designers, project managers, and their membership team, the system needed to:

  1. Provide a self-guided process through which an applicant’s suitability for RITTech status could be evaluated
  2. Provide a back-office application to allow final approval or rejection by trained RITTech administrators
  3. Back-office functionality to maintain all aspects of the system such as prices, discount vouchers, application status’s
  4. Bulk upload of pre-approved applications from approved Organisations
  5. Integrate with BCS’s in-house membership and finance systems.

The solution was developed and delivered as three separate C# MVC web applications; the registration site, back office administration site and the public register.

The Register of IT Technicians has now been launched to the wider public from October 2015.

Main technology components:

  • C# MVC
  • Entity Framework
  • MS Unity DI
  • Bootstrap
  • SQL Server
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