About Us

logo1Today’s market place if full of packaged mass market software products – from complex enterprise IT solutions to individual products in the cloud. Very often these make sound business sense. But good businesses will always have unique ideas, and a unique idea often demands a bespoke solution.

Unity Information Systems was formed in 2000 to offer high value, high quality bespoke software solutions at an affordable price. With experience gained from working for some of the worlds best known IT providers, we knew we could bring the same level of quality, but at a much more palatable cost.

We work for large to medium sized companies who have exciting ideas about how software solutions can give them an edge. We help them realise those ideas by working closely with them to produce software that meets, and hopefully surpasses,  everyone’s expectations.

In a client survey, we outperformed some of the world’s largest IT service suppliers in terms of responsiveness, can-do attitude and value for money. Our approach has enabled us to retain some of the UK’s leading organisations as clients.

We believe that successful partnerships are based on shared ownership and transparency and we mainly work on fixed pricing models to show our commitment. Our clients trust us and value our integrity but we appreciate that this is hard to win and easy to lose.

Bespoke systems development for companies with ideas