ExClaim – Corporate Expense System

ExClaim – Corporate Expense System


“Orange Brand Services Limited (OBSL) has 500 employees who travel across the globe. A corporate restructure meant the existing expenses system was no longer accessible. We were led to believe the expense module supposedly embedded in our new payroll system or finance package would be able to satisfy our requirement, but as is often the case with ‘add on’ modules the functionality available did not have the flexibility and was not in any way developed enough to satisfy our requirements.”

Orange asked the Unity Information Systems team to develop a bespoke corporate expenses system that implemented Orange’s extensive expenses policies, met HMRC standards and policies, and yet was easy to use for all, including claimants, back-office staff and management.

The result for Orange

“ExClaim has surpassed our expectations. Our ability to enforce policy compliance and clarifying accountabilities means we now have much tighter control of our expenses and have achieved overall savings of 10% during the financial year on our substantial expense bill. The reporting and analysis provided by the system highlighted the weakness in our expense policy and has empowered us make changes.

We have yet to see the savings based on these changes but we expect this to be in the region of an additional 10%. The policy rules and limits are clearly defined and displayed in the system for employees and approvers alike, and we find employees are happier with a clear understanding of what is, and isn’t allowed. We also have approver notes built into the pages of the expense claim to help with the approval process.

It is daunting implementing a new expenses system, especially when employees have been used to a less controlled environment.  Items that may have been accepted before the new system was introduced are slowly being eradicated due to the clarity of the policy and the vigilance of the back office staff. 
Staff have come to terms with this new system as they know claims are processed quickly and efficiently, and any questions are dealt with in an understanding and efficient manner.”
George Douglas, Director of Programs, Orange Corporate Services Limited. 
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